Verdens toalettdag 19 november

Why do we celebrate World Toilet Day?

When nature calls, we need a toilet. We take it for granted in our part of the world, but millions of people are without.

Did you know that more people have access to a mobile phone than a toilet? Of the world's 7 billion people, 6 billion have mobile phones. 4.5 billion lack access to a proper toilet or latrine.

This means that human waste, on a vast scale, is not handled safely. It pollutes the water and the environment that ensures our living conditions. We are transforming our environment to open sewage.

The world needs toilets and sanitation that works in harmony with our ecosystems.

World Toilet Day focuses on environmentally friendly alternatives and sanitation. When nature calls, we must react.

  • 62.5 % of the world's population lack access to safe sanitation
  • 892 million still defecate in the open
  • 1.8 billion people drink water from sources that are contaminated with feces
  • 4.5 billion people lack access to a safe toilet


The United Nations World Toilet Day, is celebrated annually on November 19th and it raises awareness to the need for safe toilets for all. This is in line with UN Sustainability Development Goal No. 6: Safe sanitation and clean water for all by 2030.

At Cinderella Eco Group, we celebrate World Toilet Day. We have produced environmentally friendly incineration toilets for leisure homes and caravans since 1999. Our incineration technology handles all waste, all that remains is a handful of bacteria-free ash containing only environmentally friendly nutrients that can be spread in our gardens as fertilizer.

Cinderella Incineration Toilets
When Nature Calls