On the road with Cinderella Motion

Managing a toilet in a caravan or mobile home can be a tricky affair. Especially if you have a cassette toilet that must be emptied and cleaned quite often. But this is a challenge that has a practical solution: the Cinderella Incineration Toilet, Motion model.

With the latest toilet model from Cinderella Eco Solution, known for its high-quality incineration toilets, the market has gained a new and revolutionary product – an incineration toilet for mobile homes and caravans. Cinderella has provided vacation home owners with practical, well-designed in the most remote places since 1999. Over 60,000 units have been sold so far and more and more to caravan owners in the Nordic region and Europe. 

Simplifying life with Motion

“With the Cinderella Motion, mobile home and caravan owners are discovering a completely new freedom. Waste disposal is limited to the removal of ash bacteria free ashes only occasionally,” says sales and marketing manager in Cinderella, Thomas Krogedal. “Since the toilets don’t need water, bark or other remedies, they are simple to use.”

“When you feature in hygienic and clean solutions, a small footprint, light weight, easy to use and high capacity, then the choice is relatively easy,” Thomas Krogedal continues. He believes all the advantages of the Motion model can be summarized in "greater freedom in motorhome life." 

A technologically advanced toilet

There is no doubt that portable all-in-one prefabricated toilets are a far cheaper option than incineration toilets. Krogedal explains why. –“The components of the incineration toilets are mainly produced in Norway and they are technologically advanced. This includes the fire retardant composite shell and an inner frame of special steel which can withstand acids, as well as high temperatures and temperature fluctuations. It is a time-consuming process to assemble the Motion in motor homes, so the good news is that more and more manufacturers are choosing to invest in Cinderella as an option to their customers, which saves the consumer considerable costs,” says Krogedal and adds: “This is an investment in a simpler life, and this means a lot to many mobile home owners.”

The Swedish companies Solifer Polar and Kabe, now equip their caravans with the Cinderella Motion.