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World Toilet Day

At Cinderella, we are concerned about the global lack of good sanitation. On the annual World Toilet Day, which for the uninitiated may be considered as an attempt at humor, but which is actually very serious, we at Cinderella are keen to make solutions available.

An important sustainability goal ratified by the United Nations countries, is to provide clean water, safe sanitation and toilet facilities for all by 2030. The majority of people who lack proper sanitation and healthy toilet solutions are forced to defecate in the open air, reports the World Health Organization (WHO), which actually means digging a hole in the ground or finding a spot in the woods or even near the fields where food is planted to feed communities. The dangerous bacteria and pathogens seep into the ground, harmfully affecting drinking water and crops.

We must also invest in proper sanitation
The UN World Day of Toilet brings awareness to the urgent need for environmentally friendly alternatives and safe sanitation that will help solve this global problem.

  • 62.5 % of the world's population lack access to safe sanitation
  • 892 million still defecate in the open
  • 1.8 billion people drink water from sources that are occasionally contaminated with stools
  • 4.5 billion people lack access to a safe toilet

The sick, the elderly and the youngest are particularly vulnerable. 1.6 million people die every year of diseases caused by poor sanitation, reports UN Water and 500,000 of these are children. Diarrhea and malnutrition are endemic in the slums. Toilets are scarce here and a water supply to wash your hands is not always available. This affects the normal development of children, so called stunting which can have lasting effects and, in extreme cases, death. Many people, especially women and young girls, are attacked and raped while looking for a suitable place to go to the bathroom and girls are compelled to quit school due to insufficient solutions during menstruation.

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Not only third world countries are affected

As many of the world's population travel more and natural sights are becoming overcrowded by tourists, the need for proper sanitary conditions in sensitive areas without access to water and sewage is crucial. Many mountain vistas around the world are unprepared for the active, mountain climbing tourism that has increased significantly over the past years. This, too, creates a serious health problem.

New toilet solutions don’t have to use water. By reserving the scarce access to clean water to drinking water alone, we avoid wasting vital resources. The incineration technology developed by Cinderella Eco Group water free. Cinderella's incineration toilets burn all waste. All that remains is a handful of ashes free of all harmful bacteria and pathogens, only environmentally friendly nutrients that you can spread into your flowerbed as fertilizer.

We celebrate World Toilet Day, November 19th. Perhaps you will too?

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