Jack Sim speaks at the Reinvented Toilet Expo in Beijing

Gunhild Sjøvik meets "Mr Toilet", Jack Sim

Jack Sim, the man behind UN World Toilet Day, November 19th

Text and photos: Trude B-J Margel

This is the story of a modern evangelist. Jack Sim, from Singapore, who achieved financial success when he was in his 40's and decided to devote his life to giving back to the community and living by the motto "Live a useful life". Jack has become the voice of the vulnerable and poor around the world who are fighting for dignity, rights and health. When he experienced how badly the toilet standards were in his home country, he launched the Rest Room Association of Singapore in 1998 to raise awareness of the need for safe sanitation, new construction requirements, and the need for improvement of dirty public toilets and better training of cleaning staff.

Gunhild and Jack
Gunhild Sjøvik and Jack Sim share ideas at The Reinvented Toilet Expo
in Beijing 2018.

In 2001, he took his mission out into the world and founded the World Toilet Organization and declared the establishment day, November 19, as the World Toilet Day. Today, this day the world is highlighted and raises awareness of improving toilets and sanitation globally. In 2013, Jack Sim succeeds in convincing the United Nations, which resulted in all 193 UN General Assembly countries unanimously adopting November 19 as the official UN World Toilet Day.

Jack Sim, known worldwide as "Mr Toilet", works tirelessly to change habits and get politicians to talk about toilets. His commitment to making changes gives hope that the UN's Sustainable Goal 6: Clean Water and Safe Sanitation for All by 2030 is a goal we should reach.

Cinderella's Group CEO, Gunhild Sjøvik, had the pleasure of talking toilets with Mr. Jack Sim and sharing the hope for a bright future in safe sanitation.

Read more about Jack Sim and his work here: https://www.ashoka.org/en-SE/fellow/jack-sim