Comfort & Urinal

Comfort og Urinal
Comfort with open lid and tray
Comfort with piping

This solution reduces power consumption by up to 80%, and the cost associated with the use of bags. 4 out of 5 toilet visits are usually for the purpose of urination, and this may be handled without fixed cost, and very simply.


Cinderella Comfort represents a new concept for incineration toilet systems, raising the Cinderella standard even further. This incineration toilet provides a significantly better indoor climate and approximately the same comfortable experience as you are used to at home. The toilet is based on the market leading Cinderella Classic model, which has been sold to more than 45,000 customers in the Nordic countries. The toilet does not require a water supply or drains, and ALL toilet waste is incinerated at high temperatures until only an insignificant quantity of ash remains.


Cinderella Comfort comes with an information display. The display provides continuous information about the use of the toilet, and also provides notification when the ash container needs to be emptied. 7 optional languages are available for the information provided by the display.


The Cinderella Urinal is a waterless toilet solution, EXCLUSIVELY intended for urination, and very suitable as a relief toilet solution for Cinderella incineration toilets. The urine is directed to a suitable receptacle, such as a sand filter, collection tank or a greywater solution, entirely without water, and 100% odorless. Put the Cinderella URINAL in the desired location, and the urine will be conducted to a receptacle through a 50mm drainpipe (not included) through the wall or floor.

Seating height 535 mm
Height 590 mm
Width 390 mm
Depth 590 mm
Weight 15 kg
Drain pipe 50 mm
Seating height 540 mm
Height 600 mm
Width 390 mm
Depth 590 mm
Weight 34 kg
Capacity Up to 12 pers
Ventilation duct/pipe 110 mm utv.
Incineration power 2000 W
Energy consumption per incineration 0,8 - 1,5 kWh
Power requirement 220 – 240 V, 10A