A little girl and water shortage

The world's water shortage - a serious problem

Nearly half of the earth's population live in areas experiencing, or at risk of experiencing, water shortages for at least one month a year, according to the UN. In the next few decades, probably around five billion people will live in such areas by 2050. At that time, the total population in the world is estimated to be between 9.4 and 10.2 billion, the UN writes in its report on water shortage in the world.

Serious consequences
The dramatic consequences of water shortages in the world primarily affect children and the disadvantaged, but also our wildlife and endangered species. With greater pressure on fewer water sources, human-wildlife conflicts arise. With increased migrations of people to already inhabited areas, many violent altercations occur in the competition for clean water. The result is dehydration, failing sanitation and lack of hygiene that leads to dirty drinking water and fatal diseases like cholera and other disorders.

Malnutrition through droughts causes the lack the essential nutrients in the diet and causes the normal development of infants to be seriously hampered. This results in lasting immaturity and, in extreme cases death, are just some of the many affects caused by water shortage.

World Toilet Day, November 19th
On the annual World Toilet Day, many serious problems and solutions are discussed on a global scale. An important sustainability goal the United Nations countries have agreed to reach by 2030, is to provide good enough "sanitary hygiene and toilet conditions" for all. The majority of people who lack proper sanitation and satisfactory solutions are forced to go to the open air, reports the WHO, which means digging a hole in the ground. We at Cinderella are keen to create solutions that create a sustainable difference.

The lack of sanitary conditions is more prevalent in third world countries and more specifically in rural areas rather than urban, but industrialized countries also have serious problems. While we invest in treating diseases that occur due to poor sanitation, we could be investing more in solving the cause and build sustainable toilets.  

New and innovative, tailored toilet solutions do not necessarily need to use precious water reserves. Cinderella's incineration technology is therefore an important contribution to solving the problem. Read more about World Toilet Day.

Bad sanitary conditions
A sustainable and health-generating waste management system means that infrastructure must be adapted to absorb biological waste from human waste, from trash, wastewater and through rainwater management. Read more about sanitary conditions from the World Health Organization

It’s not just the creation of improved sanitation in developing countries that is important, maintenance of existing systems is essential. In Norway and many other industrialized countries, old sewage pipes are deteriorating. One often finds drainage pipes and water supply pipes in the same trench. If the sewage level peaks and there is a negative pressure in the water system, contaminated water can possibly enter the water supply. The extent to which intermittent sickness or short-term abdominal pain is due to contaminated water, is not documented, but the concern is real. Leaks are constantly detected and the need for upgrades has been announced by both the Norwegian Association of Norwegian Water, international water management authorities and consulting engineers.

Also, the cleaned water or grey water that leaks into the environment and in our seas must be quality assured. Research shows that more than 30 percent of our clean drinking water leaks through holes and damages to the water pipes and never arrives in our homes. Over 60 percent of the wastewater in our sewage system is actually clean water, rain water and drinking water that has leaked into the drainage system and completely wasted.  

Global cooperation
Working together to build awareness and provide solutions is a part of our goal at Cinderella and an important United Nations Sustainable Development Goal as well. Goal no. 17 urges partnerships and cooperation to create results.

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