Incineration technology and energy options

Incineration technology and energy options

Cinderella's incineration technology is sustainable and sound. We burn the waste by combining pressure from below and radiant heat. Fresh air is directed into the combustion chamber and the exhaust gases are filtered before they are released into the air. Cinderella has toilet models for either gas or electricity and therefore provide an environmentally friendly waste disposal solution. This is very important to us.

The incineration technology Cinderella has developed is based on important principles in waste management. The method of cleaning exhaust gases from the incineration process is conducted through a platinum catalyst for filtration and purification. The incineration itself takes place safely in the incineration chamber and the result of this is bacteria-free ash, completely sterile and containing nutrients like potassium and phosphorus. In fact, many Cinderella owners use these ashes as a garden fertilizer.

The incineration process takes place in the incineration chamber, safely designed to meet environmental and safety requirements, NEMKO approved and CE marked. Designated Best in Test by Testfakta, Sweden, read more.

Sustainable Development Goals
Cinderella is committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and actively works with governments and partners in many countries to ensure that regulations and requirements for environmentally friendly incineration technology are met. Incineration technology is an important solution in waste management, if handled properly. SDG no. 12 states that by 2020, and in accordance with an internationally agreed framework, more environmentally sound management of chemicals and all types of waste will be achieved throughout their life cycle in order to significantly reduce emissions of chemicals and waste to air, water and soil to minimize harm to human health and the environment. At Cinderella, we consider this an important goal. Our solutions are approved according to the European standard and our emissions are mainly air and water vapor.

Environmentally friendly energy consumption and footprint
Cinderella's incineration toilets are designed for gas or electricity and therefore meet sustainable energy consumption requirements. Since our toilets do not require water, there is no need for expensive sewage systems that interfere with vulnerable natural areas. The energy is used for the actual incineration process and the power can be supplied by solar, wind or hydropower unless our gas-powered toilets are selected.

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Sustainability and our environment

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