Gunhild meets Wambui Gichuri

Toilet director at the African Development Bank

Text and photos: Trude B-J Margel

Wambui Gichuri is the Africa bank’s first female toilet director, in her role as head of WaSH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) and African Water Facility. Wambui came to her role from her work at the World Bank in May 2018 where she developed and implemented several strategies and programs. 

At the African Development Bank, water safety is key to energy security, agricultural security, industrial development, regional integration, and to improving quality of life. Wambui’s goal is to address and solve the challenge of safe drinking water and sanitation for the unserved 330 million and 680 million, respectively and she works in Africa to scale up policy, institutional and governance reforms and investments that focus on ensuring services to everyone – especially the poor who comprise the majority of the unserved. An annual estimated US $13 billion investment is needed to meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal no 6, providing clean water and safe sanitation for all by 2030.

“We work with regional member countries to promote blended financing so that businesses that are profitable can work with private-sector financing and our programs can help ensure that their goals and the goals of the unserved are met.” Wambui explains, “In this way, we can build integrated solutions and speed up the process that maximizes benefits from innovation in water and sanitation.”’

Bård Olav, Wambui and Gunhild
From left: Bård Olav Sugustad, CTO at Cinderella Eco Group, Wambui Gichuri
and Gunhild Sjøvik share experiences in the field of sanitation at The Reinvented
Toilet Expo in Beijing 2018.

Wambui works tirelessly accumulating information on new technologies that will help solve the global challenge and helping to implement these in regions where the need is urgent. An important topic to learn more about, in the conversation she and Cinderella’s CEO Gunhild Sjøvik had when they met at The Reinvented Toilet

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