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World Health Day, April 7th

On April 7th, each year, we celebrate United Nations’ World Health Day. Since the first Health Assembly in 1948 and the first Global Health Day in 1950, this celebration is building awareness for a new worldwide health issue each year - highlighting the priority area of concern for the WHO, World Health Organization

Text: Trude B-J Margel
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The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal No 3, Good Health, is about ensuring global health and promoting the quality of life of all world citizens, regardless of age. We at Cinderella Eco Group are committed to these goals and celebrate World Health Day and the work towards achieving this by 2030.

Health for all
This year, the theme of World Health Day is universal health coverage for everyone, everywhere with the slogan "Health for All". In industrialized countries, many of us are fortunate to have access to good health services, but there are still many countries where health care a big challenge. The world faces several health threats ranging from outbreaks of vaccine preventive diseases such as measles and diphtheria, increasing reports of drug-resistant, dangerous bacteria, increasing obesity and physical inactivity to the health effects of environmental pollution and climate change and the many humanitarian crises due to war and famine.

The three-billion target
To meet these and other challenges, the World Health Organization (WHO) starts its new 5-year strategic plan in 2019 - their 13th overall work program. This plan focuses on a three billion goal:

  • 1 billion more people should benefit from access to universal health coverage
  • 1 billion more people should be protected against health problems
  • 1 billion more people should thrive and experience improved health and well-being

Reaching this goal, will require tackling the threats to our global health from a variety of angles. Read more in the information box about the 10 most important goals WHO focuses on in 2019.

Building awareness for World Health Day
Cinderella Eco Group produces waterless, environmentally-friendly incineration toilets that burn all dangerous bacteria and can be installed almost anywhere, without the need for sewage or water supply. We are committed to creating solutions that can contribute to comfort in leisure homes, in caravans and motorhomes and which can also solve needs in the workplace (such as cranes in the building and construction industry). But more importantly, incineration technology such as ours ensures that dangerous diseases that arise through unsafe sanitary conditions can be eradicated.

We celebrate World Health Day on April 7th, join us!

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