Cinderella's incineration technology

Incineration is a waste treatment involving a combustive burning process of organic substances in waste materials.
  • Incineration, and other high temperature wastewater treatment systems, are described as "thermal treatment". Waste incineration converts the waste into ash, flue gas and heat.
  • At Cinderella, we burn the waste by combining pressure from below and radiant heat. Fresh air is directed into the combustion chamber and the exhaust gases are filtered before they are released into the air.
  • Processing of incineration gases is conducted through a platinum catalyst for filtering and cleaning the exhaust gases.
  • Emissions from a Cinderella incineration toilet are mainly air and water vapor and extremely small amounts of sulfur and NOx
  • To comply with the requirements for sustainable incineration technology, strict regulations and policies must be adhered to. These vary from country to country. Cinderella's technology meets the United Nations Sustainability Goals, and we take global consequences and concerns into account as our solutions are approved according to the European Standard.

Source: Wikipedia and Cinderella's production regulations

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