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Cinderella Eco Group launches in Toronto

After launching Cinderella Incineration Toilets on the Canadian Market at the annual Cottage Life Show in Toronto in October 2018, our Norwegian incineration technology is paving the way towards achieving greater vacation home comfort in even the most remote places in the country.

Cinderella’s incineration toilets were exhibited at both the Spring and Autumn Cottage Life Shows in Toronto in 2018, generating enormous interest in environmentally-friendly waste treatment.

“The perfect entry to the Canadian market", according to Group CEO Gunhild Sjøvik of Cinderella Eco Group.

Each fair attracts between 40 000 and 50 000 visitors representing dual home owners from a higher household income bracket where over 600 exhibitors provide the ultimate in what the organizers call “one-stop shop for all things cottage-related.”

Why Canada?
"Canadian vacation and cottage home owners are very similar to Norwegians," Mrs. Sjøvik explains. "We love the outdoors, enjoy the magic that proximity to nature brings into our lives and we don't let out of the way places daunt us." 

Indeed, Canadians build their cottages with much the same inspiration as many others around the world: For the pleasure of spending quality time with family and friends, with all the comforts of home in spectacular places away from the urban bustle. This is why incinerating toilets from Cinderella Eco Group are so popular. They provide hygienic, childproof waste solutions that are truly top of the line in technology and sleek design.

Since the Cinderella toilets can be installed in areas without water and even without access to electricity, they are the perfect fit for the Canadian vacation home owner.

Team Cinderella
With the launch of Cinderella Eco Group’s sister company in Canada, Joey McNeil has joined the company as Sales & Dealer Manager to develop the Canadian market. MacNeil has a background in brand development from Reebok and Dyson and will focus on developing Cinderella’s dealer network.

"We see that Canada is more than ready for our products,” says Helene Norman-Dupuy, Sales and Aftermarket Director at Cinderella Eco Group, Norway. ”We are excited about the Canadian market and an important focus for us is the end user: our customers. Cinderella toilets are perfect for areas where access to sewage systems is costly and challenging, and we have delighted our customers in every market we enter.

“We see that the need for an additional toilet unit for boat houses or pool areas in Canada is an important customer preference. The Canadian market is quite similar to our largest markets in the Nordic region, and we look forward to transferring our expertise and experience from the past twenty years,” Norman-Dupuy concludes.

Preferred by families with small children
Dual home ownership is on the rise in Canada, according to statistics provided by the Royal LePage Canadian Recreational Housing Report. Not only does the traditional buyer approaching retirement buy a second home, but families with young children, the so-called Gen Xer’s, are now the largest recreational property buyer. 

“Famiies with young children need dependable solutions that contribute to much needed relaxation and leisure time with family and friends. They want the most efficient sanitary solution the market can offer." explains Marketing and Communications Director Thomas Krogedal of Cinderella Eco Group. "With our broad experience in the Nordic market, we know what is most important to buyers."

When choosing solutions on remote lakefront or mountainside properties, respect for fragile eco-systems is of the utmost importance. The market leading Cinderella incinerating technology burns waste simply and efficiently to bacteria-free ash. The system is easy to use, odorless, safe and with stylish design.

Whether it be the younger Gen Xers or those preparing for retirement life, the Canadian cottage market demands high-quality, well-functioning hygienic toilets that provide the comforts of home, demands that Cinderella Incinerating Toilets in North America intend to answer.

High praise for Cinderella as opposed to other solutions on the market
The leading source for sustainable solutions, green news and product information, saw Cinderella’s incinerating toilets first hand at the Spring Cottage Life Show and gives the Norwegian technology, comfort and design high praise. Treehugger has previous experience from using the American competitor, but clearly prefers and recommends Cinderella. Read more about treehugger's comments and see for yourself.