Cinderella Eco Group establishes a subsidiary in Toronto

Recently, Cinderella Eco Group established a sister company in Canada and employed Joey McNeil as Sales & Dealer Manager to develop the Canadian market. MacNeil has a background in brand development from Reebok and Dyson and will focus on developing Cinderella’s dealer network.

"We see that this market is more than ready for our products,” says Helene Norman-Dupuy, Sales and Aftermarket Director at Cinderella Eco Group, Norway. ”We are excited to enter the Canadian market and an important focus for us is the end user. Cinderella toilets are perfect for areas where access to sewage systems is difficult, and we have delighted our customers in every market we develop. We see that the need for an additional toilet unit for boat houses or pool areas in Canada is an important customer preference. The Canadian market is quite similar to our largest markets in the Nordic region, and we look forward to transferring our expertise and experience from the past twenty years,” Norman-Dupuy concludes.

Launch on the Canadian market coincides with the Toronto Fall Cottage Show opening

Cinderella Eco Group will officially launch the opening of their sister company at the Toronto Fall Cottage Show with Global CEO Gunhild Sjøvik and other members of the management board attending. The ceremony will be officiated by Norway’s Honorary Consulate General Marianne Koritzinsky.

 “The Fall Cottage Show is an important leverage for us in our goals for North America and attracts over 50 000 visitors during the period of October 19-21,” explains Sjøvik. “We’re setting up an instant sale system at the stand we share with our dealer, so interested visitors can leave with a brand-new incinerating toilet from Cinderella. It is important for us to have a comprehensive brand strategy in this expansion period. In addition to our goals in Canada, we are also expanding in Europe and Australia."

Exciting position for the new company

Canadian holiday homes tend to use various solutions such as biotoilets, where sanitary installations are lacking. There are few other toilet options that use incineration on the market providing Cinderella with a decided competitive edge. At the same time, economic development is very positive for the country and the age of those who invest in leisure property is falling. This target group also has a strong financial standing, enabling them to invest in holiday homes that provide good experiences for themselves and their families. Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC).



Cinderella Eco Group (CEG) is a family-owned company with over 20 years’ experience in producing Cinderella incinerating toilets, an organic comprehensive solution for toilet waste. The company has delivered quality incinerating toilet solutions to the leisure home market, caravans and mobile homes as well as the professional market. The solutions offered to the professional market, the largest growing segment worldwide, includes solutions for forestry, fishing, building construction, mining and railways.

Cinderella has further developed their strategy to include international expansion in Europe, Australia and Canada.



For further information, please contact:

Helene Norman-Dupuy

Sales and Aftermarket Director

+47 905 77 092


Gunhild Sjøvik

Global CEO

+47 477 55 673